Do you need

a project and service

on the highest quality

for your: company poster, flyer, brochure, banner, adds for website, invitations for special events like wedding or anniversary?

Maybe an appetizing menu for your restaurant, or unique visit card that will make the difference among other brands?



See what I can offer You.

Logo design
pliant - Interact
gym carnet - Sport Club CAN
menu - Casa Vlasin
pliant - Apa Armonia
bonus card - Step in2Salsa
Graphic Design
VisitCard - Car servise
poster and tickets - Bran Castle
bottle label - autoM
CD label
notebook - OIM
stuff for friends
VisitCard - Dai Mattoni
VisitCard - Trevar Drive
poster - University of Transylvania
ticket - Whispear
notebook Migrant Integration Center
notebook - S.M.S.
Poster - Night of Muzeums - Bran
poster - Bar Scularie
poster - Sport Club CAN
poster - grand opening Whisper
posters - Bran Castle 1
poster - Multicultural Day Brasov
posters samples
VisitCard - Cars
VisitCard - Zołza
wedding stuff - "Cappadocia"
flyer - TrevarDrive
menu - 2016
Notebook - Century Image
Poster - Football Club in Brasov
Pliant - Migranet
Visit Card - Cars 2
wedding stuff - "Lacra & Alex"
Poster - Earth Day at Dracula Castle
Poster - Universitatea Transilvania
Whispear-1-st Birthday

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